Every organization is a technology organization.

Digital transformation starts when your IT investments and business goals align. Have your IT and business teams work in tandem to power a better experience across the enterprise for employees, customers, and your bottom line. Our IT Business Management solution gives you all-inclusive project and portfolio lifecycle management capabilities, making it easier to leverage data-driven insights to power your business.


Top-performing businesses that use data-driven insights to guide strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations.


Organizations with sophisticated analytics usage are three times as likely to outperform competitors.


IT Business management solutions reduce project delays and increase overall productivity by 20%

Drive decisions with clear insights into your budget and ROI.

Manage projects and assets collectively while tracking resources investment across all projects
From the initial budget to real-time goal tracking, we provide insights throughout the project lifecycle to ensure alignment with business objectives and empower advocacy across the organization.
Get your full ROI on new technology without compromise
Measure efficiency with trend and variance analysis, forecasting, budget management, thresholds, and cloud rate optimization including pricing model analysis support.
Simplify agile and DevOps implementation process for daily business and IT Operations
Integrate IT and business processes to enable real-time data driven business decisions on a daily basis.

Legacy IT modernization transforms business and culture.

Modernizing legacy IT means more than reducing complexity and increasing data consistency. Today’s businesses need to increase redundancy, decrease latency, address urgent IT modernization needs now. Our team can help bolster cybersecurity defenses, foster collaboration, and improve the delivery of services for decades to come.


Say their agencies’ digital transformation strategies are “not adapting fast enough to keep pace with rapidly evolving environments.”


Federal civilian IT leaders that say they’ve accelerated digital transformation efforts in response to the surge in telework and urgency to adapt citizen services.


Portion of the government’s $90B IT budget spent on maintaining existing technology, including legacy systems.

Realize new opportunities through modernizing IT.

Prepare legacy technology for IT of tomorrow
Update outdated application integrations and remedy unsupported technologies with legacy software modernization. Maintain high-value assets and mission-critical services to ensure security, compatibility, and productivity.
Protect mission-critical services and scale your impact
Legacy systems are holding back innovation and increasing cybersecurity risks. According to the GOA, 7 out of 10 critical legacy systems operate with known security vulnerabilities. As support for legacy systems expires, workforce capabilities continue to sift towards the cloud. Reconfigure aging tools and prepare for the cloud revolution.
Create value throughout your organization
Outdated systems increase employee frustrations and decrease productivity. Enhance organizational value with updated software that supports agile business processes and makes critical insights available faster.

Realize the full potential of cloud-smart technology.

Reduce waste and increase cloud performance through a continuous cycle of improvement. Cloud Optimization enables you to gain the most value and highest performance from your cloud investment. Our cloud experts will provide refactoring support for cloud hosting, ensure your cloud services run optimally, minimize costs, and FinOps guidance to support planning and budgeting decisions.


IT leaders that say they feel prior cloud investments helped them deliver on their missions throughout the pandemic.


Companies overspend by 35% or more on their cloud allocations.


Enterprise spending that is wasted on cloud infrastructure.

Gain complete cloud control.

Greater transparency into your cloud systems
We’ll build and implement the tools and training your team needs to best assess cloud utilization data and make informed decisions.
Savings on your cloud bills without impacting performance
Do away with overpayments and leakages with detailed data analysis and optimization recommendations assembled by our subject matter experts.
Better multi-cloud management with tagging and segmentation
Multi-cloud management can get complex. Get better insight into your entire infrastructure by integrating tagging policies that compliment your demand management process.

Optimize your cloud investment with cloud-smart application architectures

Build superior customer-centric digital products, improve user experiences, and innovate faster to maximize your impact. We'll help you adopt a cloud-native approach with the guidance to develop and manage applications at scale with speed and agility. Our cloud-native application framework can inform architectural decision-making, support agency migration efforts, and increase cloud success rates. Confidently develop and run high availability applications with built-in resilience, security, and compliance.

Our cloud experts collaborate with vendors and your team to maximize your cloud investment and adopt a cloud-native future. Get ready for the transformation.


IT decision-makers who noted current use or are evaluating a plan to use cloud-native architectures


of backened developers worldwide use containers


of cloud-native companies (and 49% non-cloud native) use AWS.

A new model for application development.

Reduce dependencies with refactored legacy applications delivered in a SaaS model
Microservice development allows for faster delivery and decreased dependencies and vulnerabilities with containerization.
Easily scale for the needs of tomorrow with cloud elasticity
Leverage elasticity to scale with cloud-native apps that increase business agility with flexible deployment and consumption-based infrastructure models.
Keep mission-critical functionalities in the wake of a disaster
Adapt in rapid time with high availability applications. Maintain mission-critical business operations during natural disasters or unexpected events using cloud backup strategy.

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Collaborate beyond excel. A new FinOps model for informed decision-making.

From program cost management to cloud optimization, FinOps is your key to long-term success. As your partner, we build transparent and collaborative real-time financial details across departments to inform budgets, set benchmarks, support forecasting, and execute a cloud procurement strategy. Our expert team supports FinOps system implementation and management to generate enterprise-wide buy-in.


IT leaders that can’t easily get a global view of all their costs .


IT leaders that said they lack tools to manage their spending programmatically.


Infrastructure and operations leaders that will encounter public cloud cost overruns.

Drive decisions with clear insights into your budget and ROI.

Data-Informed Budgeting
Our team builds the tools to help agencies identify anomalies and opportunities, establish governance, and prevent overspending. Then we provide the expertise to transform data points into business value and the technical know-how to align them to organizational initiatives.
A Transformative Instrument For Building Consensus
Fund transformational efforts with compelling narratives for mission-supporting capabilities. Gain access to empowering data to advocate for IT modernization and build group consensus.
Quick Access to Enterprise Data
Rapidly adapt to meet the changing needs of organizations. Simplify the process of sourcing data, sorting through information, or pillaging through endless spreadsheets to get the answers you need.
Cloud Cost Intelligence
Optimize your resources by planning for reduced cloud utilization and cost allocation with inventory analysis, tagging, and tracking.


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