Legacy IT Modernization Transforms Business and Culture

Modernizing legacy IT means more than reducing complexity and increasing data consistency. Today’s businesses need to increase redundancy, decrease latency, address urgent IT modernization needs now. Our team can help bolster cybersecurity defenses, foster collaboration, and improve the delivery of services for decades to come.

Say their agencies' digital transformation strategies are "not adapting fast enough to keep pace with rapidly evolving environments."
of federal civilian IT leaders say they've accelerated digital transformation efforts in response to the surge in telework and urgency to adapt citizen services.
of the government's $90B IT budget is spent on maintaining existing technology, including legacy systems.

Realize New Opportunities Through Modernizing IT

Prepare legacy technology for IT of tomorrow
Update outdated application integrations and remedy unsupported technologies with legacy software modernization. Maintain high-value assets and mission-critical services to ensure security, compatibility, and productivity.
Protect mission-critical services and scale your impact
Legacy systems are holding back innovation and increasing cybersecurity risks. According to the GAO, 7 out of 10 critical legacy systems operate with known security vulnerabilities. As support for legacy systems expires, workforce capabilities continue to sift towards the cloud. Reconfigure aging tools and prepare for the cloud revolution.
Create value throughout your organization
Outdated systems increase employee frustrations and decrease productivity. Enhance organizational value with updated software that supports agile business processes and makes critical insights available faster.

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