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SolutionsMET is an IT management company based in Maryland that provides software development, engineering, and cloud solution architecture to Federal, State, and Local government agencies across the Greater Washington Metropolitan region.

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between people and technology by delivering innovative solutions that simplify complex business processes and empower end-users to achieve mandates more effectively and efficiently. 

The Team

We believe an organization is only as good as its people and is only constrained by the boundaries of their collective ideas and imagination.
  • Michael Charles II

    Michael Charles II

    Chief Executive Officer

    In love with technology and passionate about people leading software development working in the federal and financial services industries.

  • Vijayakameswari Sundaram

    Vijayakameswari Sundaram

    Director Of Engineering

    Master of implementing and managing component-based multi-tier enterprise applications with extensive experience in working with teams of diverse cultures and different methodologies.

  • Dwayne McFarlane

    Dwayne McFarlane

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Jack of all trades, with extensive experience in web application development on (just about) all languages, platforms, and databases.

  • Alana Kerr

    Alana Kerr

    Executive Assistant

    Helps keep everything on track aboard the mothership from ops to HR.

  • Chandra Prakash

    Chandra Prakash

    Sr. Solutions Architect

    Senior Software engineer working with high profile project helping agencies get to the latest web publishing standards.

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Integrity Matters
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